ASELSAN MAR-D 3D Search Radar

MAR-D developed by ASELSAN; It is a marine platform 3D search radar that can be used from short range to medium range, and can detect targets with air and surface surveillance.

MR-D; With its active phase array antenna structure and solid state power amplifier modules, it is a modular, lightweight and low power radar. Its operational features include 3D target search, tracking and classification, sector search, high target location accuracy, and it can be used in small ships and offensive boats due to its lightness.

Barbaros Class Frigates will be equipped with MAR-D within the scope of the "Barbaros Class Frigates Half-Life Modernization Project" conducted by the Defense Industry Directorate.

Product features:

  • 3D air target search and tracking
  • Searching and tracking the 2D surface target
  • Active Phase Array Antenna
  • Low Awareness (LPI) Mode
  • Solid state sender modules (Transmit / Receive Modules)
  • Mobile specification with Doppler processor
  • Friend-Enemy detection
  • IFF Integration
  • Air Cooling
  • Sector Dimming and Sector Clipping
  • In-Device Test capability
  • Mixer Detection and Direction Finding and Tracking
  • Provide a Surface Surveillance video
  • Ball Shooting Support
  • MIL-STD compatibility

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency: X band
  • Event Range: 100 km
  • Minimum range: 50 m
  • Yanca Coverage: 360º
  • Altitude Coverage: -5º / + 70º
  • Rise tracking accuracy (rms): <0.6º
  • Rotation speed (rpm): 10-60
  • Power consumption: <6 kW
  • Stabilization: Electronic
  • Weight (Above Deck): <350 kg
  • Tracking capacity: 200 targets

Source: SavunmaSanayiST

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