6-Year Aston Martin CEO Sacked

Aston Martin CEO Sacked

For a few days, there have been some rumors about the dismissal of Aston Martin's CEO. These rumors finally came true. Andy Palmer, the CEO of the Aston Martin brand, who has been in office for about 6 years, has officially said goodbye to his post.

The new CEO of famous sports car manufacturer Aston Martin was Tobias Moers, who also served on the Mercedes-AMG brand, confirming the rumors. Moers made the following statements about the subject; “It is very exciting to join the Aston Martin team in such a difficult time. I have had a special passion for performance cars all my life. It is an honor to work with such an iconic brand. This change will also reinforce the partnership between the two companies. Thanks to the investment made by Lawrence Stroll and his team, we will try to make the brand rise again. ” Said.

It is not yet clear what the new mission of Andy Palmer, Aston Martin's former CEO, has been portrayed as the source of the long-running problems of Aston Martin. Palmer also hesitated to make a statement on the subject.

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