How To Do 2020 LGS Center Exam ..! Here All Changes

The central examination within the scope of the High School Pass System will be held on 20 June 2020. Many measures will be in place during the exam for the health of students. For the first time this year, students will take their exams in their own schools so that they can easily access the exam buildings. Candidates will be taken in turn, with masks attached to previously disinfected buildings, while maintaining social distance without waiting.

How is the Central Examination (LGS) for Secondary Education Institutions that will Accept Students with an Exam?

  • Within the scope of corona virus outbreak measures; For the first time this year, students will take their exams in their own schools so that our students can easily access the exam buildings.
  • Students will have at least two dark black and soft pencil, pencil sharpener and soft stain-free eraser with valid identification document on their way to the exam.
  • The exam center, building, hall and queue information of the students will be announced on the e-school.
  • Exam entrance documents will be left by the school administrators to the tables according to the order number of the students 30 minutes before the exam.
  • Considering that the canteens will not be open at the school, students will be able to bring the water, disinfectant and napkin they will need. In addition, disinfectants and napkins will be kept in each class by the school administrations.
  • Disinfectant will be applied to the students, parents and all the staff in the exam at the entrance of the school by the school administration and a mask will be distributed free of charge.
  • Have your valid identity document checked with your parent at least 1 day before the exam.
  • Those who need to have a photo in the validity certificate due to 15 years of age will not be required to take a valid identity document with photos, considering that they cannot make the necessary change due to the process.
  • Identity checks and placement in halls zamIn order to be done instantly, you must be present at your own school at 09:00 at the latest on the day of the exam, following the social distance rules with only one parent.
  • Students will be taken to the disinfected buildings in turn, wearing their masks, maintaining social distance without waiting.
  • In all our schools, our Guidance teachers will be out of school to assist our parents and students as part of the supervision of corona virus measures.
  • By the end of the first session, students will be able to go to the garden of the building under the control of their teachers. Controls will be carried out by teachers on duty to protect students' social distances. Students will not be allowed to meet parents.
  • For the second session, students will be taken in turn, maintaining social distance to the buildings.
  • Parents will not be allowed to enter the school gardens. Parents should not create confluence and pay attention to social distance when entering and exiting buildings.
  • Students who leave the building under the supervision of their teachers at the end of the exam will be delivered to their parents.
  • We wish success to all our students who will take the exam.

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