2020 Jeep Compass was put up for sale in Turkey

Jeep Compass Limited

Jeep Compass, 2020 model year with the version offered for sale in Turkey. The 2020 model year Compass models, introduced to the market with a special sales campaign special for May, take their place in the Jeep showrooms with a 100-month deferral for 3 thousand TL and a zero percent interest loan.

Making a statement on the subject, Jeep Brand Director Özgür Süslü noted that the availability of new vehicles has decreased since the beginning of the year due to the market demand and the New Type Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic. Fancy; “As the Jeep brand, we have made an intense attempt to deliver the new model year version of the Compass model to car lovers. As of May, we brought 160 Jeep Compass to our country. We aim to bring our new vehicles together with their owners in a short time. ”

Freedom, passion and adventure lovers have in common is the Jeep, the Compass model that combines elegance and style in the 2020 model year with the version offered for sale in Turkey. In addition to the standard 4 × 4 traction system, there are 170 rich equipment packages in the 9 Jeep Compass models, which are on sale with a combination of a 2020 hp gasoline engine and a 2-speed automatic transmission. Maintaining its fuel-efficient powerful engine, unique Jeep design, 'on-road' and 'off-road' driving dynamics and innovative safety technologies, the 2020 model Compass is among the ambitious players in the luxury compact SUV segment.

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In the process of the new Type Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic, Jeep, which has expanded its digital infrastructure and started to offer online calls at all its dealers, can carry the 2020 model Compasss in the showrooms to the customers' homes with video calling service. Jeep also offers a privileged campaign for the 2020 model year Compass models in May. With the campaign, Jeep Compass models offer a loan with a 100-month term, with a 15-month zero interest rate and a 3-month deferral loan opportunity.

"160 Compass arrived"

Providing information on the subject, Jeep Brand Director Özgür Süslü said, “With the effect of the demand in the market and the new type coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, new vehicle availability has decreased since the beginning of the year. This particularly affected imported models. In the said period, as the Jeep brand; We made an intense attempt to deliver Compass's new model year version to car lovers. As a result, as of May, we managed to bring 160 Jeep Compass to our country. In line with our request, we aim to sell 2020 Compass in a short period of time. ”

Technology and Original Design

Offered for sale with Limited and Limited Exucutive equipment options, Jeep Compass combines its design with technology. Welcoming the driver and accompanying passengers with an interior decorated with high material quality and superior technical details, the Limited versions of the Jeep Compass host an 8,4-inch touch screen with Car Play & Android. Compass models also,

UConnect Multimedia System is waiting for many car lovers especially with heated seats and steering wheel, Keyless Entry and Start System, Parking Assistance System, rear view camera, electric tailgate. However, there are distinctive features such as defrosting exterior rearview mirrors, passive entry / keyless operation, foldable rear seat that opens to the 40/20/40 trunk, lift-up and height-adjustable luggage floor and storage under the front passenger seat.

Superior 4 × 4 Capability

'Jeep Selec-Terrain' 1,4 × 170 driving system offered as standard on Jeep Compass models with a 4 liter cylinder volume and 4 horsepower engine provides the driver with “Normal, Snow, to provide the best possible all-wheel drive performance in all weather and road conditions. Sand and Mud ”also comes to the forefront with its driving modes.

Source: Hibya News Agency


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