The Design of Domestic Cars TOGG Cannot Be Copied!

domestic car toggun design will not be copied
domestic car toggun design will not be copied

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group, was awarded for his design registration application to the European Union Intellectual Property Rights Office. Intellectual and industrial property rights to prevent copying by third-hundred percent of the design of vehicles belonging to companies was an important step for Turkey

Established to be the first global mobility brand of our country by leading the transformation to a mobility ecosystem of the automotive industry, the Automotive Initiative Group Turkey (TOGG) 's automobile interior and exterior design of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has been registered. with registration rights will be valid for five years, intellectual and industrial property rights one hundred percent completely or partially copying the design of vehicles belonging to Turkey is prevented.

Introduced by TOGG engineers and designers, intellectual and industrial property rights one hundred percent of Turkey's car being developed on the innate power of modular vehicle platform of Turkey, during the design process was completed another important step.

Design registration applications in TOGG's suspension process in Asia and America are expected to be completed in 2020.

The design appeared with 150 thousand hours of work

Turkey's Car, TOGG design and a total of 150 thousand hours of work eventually appeared under the leadership of the engineering team. as part of the design process from Turkey and a total of 18 design houses from around the world, with 6 different criteria to determine which tOGGer taken to an objective assessment. The TOGG Design Team decided to continue the process with 3 design houses with the highest score in its evaluation. Turkey to buy a car made with a wide audience buying behavior prepared in accordance with the findings of the research design manual process began sharing 3D design competition with these 2 design house to determine the design of the car.

The design house competition, which was designed in 4 stages, lasted 6 months in total.

During this period, more than 100 different themes were evaluated, the expectations found in consumer research were given to the design houses as feedback. Once the process was completed, an exterior and an interior design study from each design house was tested by conducting clinical studies with large audiences. The result was again evaluated by the TOGG Design Team about its suitability for industrialization. After these stages, Pininfarina design house, one of the best in the world, was chosen as a business partner and the 3D design phase was started. Turkey in line with consumer insight and design team of TOGG result of joint efforts of the Pininfarina design house not only in Turkey; An original design language has been introduced that will be appreciated in different parts of the world.

The Culture of this Land Inspired Design

Turkey's car, which was inspired by the tulip is one of the icons of modern and original design rooted in the soils of Anatolia. The Seljuk era breezes emphasize the bond with the cultural heritage of our geography, together with tulip figures embroidered with a modern delicacy on the front grille to be perceived as the car's signature on the road, the wheels that complement the holistic elegance and interior details.

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