No Passage to Coronavirus in Akçaray with UV Filter Technology

ulaşımpark, the UV filter unit technology for the first time in Akçaray passed as implementing the company's railway history in Turkey. With the UV Filter technology it applies, transportationPark has also managed to raise the service quality bar it provides to its passengers to the highest levels.


As a result of the researches, the engineer and technical team carrying out the R&D studies of TransportationPark tried the UV filter technology in Akçaray for a period of 6 months. During this period, various air quality tests were carried out on trams. As a result of the air quality tests and medical researches, a UV Filter unit was installed on the trams. Thanks to the installation of UV Filter, the air quality in the trams has been maximized.

Throughout Turkey EXEMPLARY

ulaşımpark, project implemented in Turkey for the first time did not forget to share with other rail operators. TransportationPark, a member of the Association of All Rail Systems Operators (TÜRSİD), shared the details of UV Filter technology as a technical presentation with the rail system operators in other cities. The cost of the setup stage, sharing all the details of the system's working principle and also in other cities with rail systems in Turkey and was able to constitute a guiding example.


TransportationPark is considering and implementing all kinds of precautions in order to allow passengers to travel more easily on trams. The application of the UV Filter project, which was started 6 months ago, to the Akçaray trams, is a proof of this. Thanks to the UV Filter, the bacteria value of 59 cb M3 was reduced to 6 cb / M3, and the mold value from 6 cb / M3 to 0 cb / M3. In this way, the air quality was carried to the highest levels. The tests were carried out by an institution accredited by an independent and impartial ministry.


TransportationPark not only does UV Filter application, but it replaces pollen filters regularly and programmatically in all trams every week. Thanks to the changing pollen filters, a gleaming air is transferred into the trams.


UV Filter is a system that works with ultraviolet ray method. Ultraviolet rays hit the microorganism in the air and disrupt the structure of microbes with the effect of ultraviolet rays. System effect provides 99% success. As a result, it provides the highest level of clean air circulation in the tram with ultraviolet rays. In order for the passengers to travel safely and healthily, by eliminating the microorganisms in the vehicle, possible epidemic interaction is prevented. UV Filter; It is the most preferred system for air disinfection in operating theaters, laboratories carrying out advanced medical and chemical researches.

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