Can You Beat Tesla's Emergency Braking System? You Can Test Your Reflexes With This Game

Can You Beat The Tesla Emergency Brake System You Can Test Your Reflexes With This Game

Can You Beat Tesla's Emergency Brake System? With this game you can test how good your reflexes are

Don't you find yourself safe when it comes to automatic driving aids like braking and steering systems? Do you think you still have a better reflex than a machine and can perform better than it? Here is a quick test to measure how quickly you react to potential dangers.

This simple simulator created by Select Car Leasing puts you behind the wheel of Tesla and allows you to compare the reaction time you give against Tesla's auto pilot feature against the dangers on the road.

Click here to find out what you can do against Tesla.

Tesla Game

How to play?

  • Click the Begin Journey button!
  • You are now behind the wheel of a disabled Tesla (automatic brake system).
  • As soon as you see the danger, simply press anywhere on the screen to stop the vehicle.
  • Then the game will compare your reaction time to this danger with the average response time of Tesla's AEB System. (0,3 seconds)



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