They Spend $ 3 Million on Tesla Brand Police Cars

They Spend Million Dollars on Tesla Brand Police Cars

We are not very used to seeing expensive Police cars in our country. Expensive police cars, which we are accustomed to seeing in Arab countries and wealthy countries, are expensive for states. For example, Dubai police have an exotic hyper car fleet that exceeds millions of dollars. However, this news is not from Dubai, but from Thailand, where we will not be able to expect expensive police vehicles.

The Thai police revealed that for the full 7 electric Tesla Model 3 fleet he rented for the next five years, he paid $ 400.000 for each vehicle over the five-year period and spent about $ 3 million in total.

The Tesla Model 3s are fully integrated into the police system and the future has emerged with all police equipment. Also, the high temperature in Thailand will not affect the battery life, as the electric Tesla Model 3 will suit Thailand's climatic conditions.




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