Tesla Reveals The Secret Of The Camera Inside The Cars

Why Tesla is a camera in vehicles

Tesla Reveals The Secret Of The Camera Inside The Cars. It was not known what the camera in Tesla branded cars was facing the cabin. The Secret of the Camera in Tesla Vehicles was revealed thanks to a twitter user. A Twitter user named Marty Tee wrote about the possible function of the cabin camera in the Model 3s, and Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, who noticed this article, confirmed the theory put forward by the Twitter user. With this incident, it turned out that the camera showing the interior of the vehicle was added for the autonomous taxi project.

Tesla vehicles come with a camera rig that shows the interior of the vehicle from the beginning. This zamuntil now, it has finally become clear why cars come with such a cabin camera. Confirming the theory that a user presented about the cabin camera on Twitter, Musk confirmed that the in-car camera, which is also included in Tesla vehicles, is to realize autonomous taxi plans. The conversations between the user who proposed the theory and Elon Musk were as follows.

Why Tesla is a camera in vehicles

Elon Musk replied, "This camera is probably" right "to the robot of the Twitter user who shared a message saying that if the person who gets in the taxi destroys the car, he will have to pay for the damage and will probably be the culprit." With this explanation, an important task of the in-car camera, which has been curious for a long time and thought to have no function, has been confirmed.

Another Theory Is To Know The Passengers

According to another information, the inward-looking camera is made to recognize the people who get into the car and to adjust the details such as air conditioner and seat position to the car to adjust itself.

In the light of this information, it was revealed that the camera inside the Tesla vehicles had an important task. Studies for autonomous vehicles, which we expect to see more in the near future, continue at a great pace.



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