Suzuki Swift officially took off

Suzuki Swift officially took off

Suzuki Swift officially took off. In Poland, a Suzuki Swift driver quickly entered the roundabout and literally took off to the vehicle.

The security camera shared on Facebook by Telewizja Aleksandrów Łódzki, the local broadcaster in Poland, shocked the viewers. It is clear that Suzuki Swift is moving towards a high-speed junction and after bouncing without braking, it bounces off the hillock in the junction and literally takes off.

There is no camera view of Suzuki touching the ground again, but the photos of the local police, clearly taken after the accident, clearly show that the vehicle has become an official wreck.Suzuki Swift officially took off

Local media agency Telewizja Aleksandrów Łódzki reported that the driver of the car was a 41-year-old man and there was an intense smell of alcohol inside the car after the accident.

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