Defense Industry President DEMİR S-400 Statement


President of the Turkish Presidency Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail Demir was the guest of the live broadcast at TRT Haber, with the announcement of Ahmet Görmez.

Answering the question about the activation of S-400 Air Defense Missile System (HSFS) managed by Görmez, Mayor Demir said, “Our area of ​​responsibility in the system is; the part of the system until the supply, supply and delivery to the user. It is related to the activities carried out by the Ministry of National Defense to make it active after that.

Of course, the process we went through is known. There are certain restrictions on many issues such as travel and meetings. When you put them all together, this process may have slowed down to a certain extent, but of course, we do not have the authority to make a statement on this subject, I think the relevant authorities zamThey will make statements about it now. However, of course, everyone knows the process we went through, and I can say that the work continues at full speed.” made statements.

Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey, in September 2017 the two fleets (4 batteries) S-400 Air Defense Missile System (HSFS) had signed an agreement regarding the supply of $ 2.5 billion. In this context, the components of the first S-400 fleet were delivered to the Turkish Air Force Command in 2019, and subsequently installation and testing activities were started.

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