7 Days 24 Hours Camera System Will Be Installed In Salda Lake Project Area

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum, regarding the images entered by the construction machinery on the construction site in Lake Salda on social media, “Shared negative images certainly do not reflect our project based on the protection of Lake Salda.” used the expression.

"Salda Lake is our heart, one of our most valuable assets," she shared on her social media account Twitter. The institution stated that an investigation was launched after the images on social media.

Emphasizing that Salda Lake will be delivered to the future in its most natural form, the Authority said: “May our nation be good cheer. There is no irregular coup. The procedure is as important as the original. The project, which will protect Salda, should be as environmentally friendly as its implementation. For this reason, everyone, from our workers to our landscape teams, will be much more careful. We will not allow even the smallest rudeness. Necessary penalties were given to the contractor company for performing an application not included in the project. In addition, an investigation has been launched into the consulting firm and responsible personnel.

The personnel whose responsibilities have been finalized have been removed from their duties. Shared negative images certainly do not reflect our project based on the protection of Lake Salda. Our project is a project to protect Salda with its white beaches, turquoise color and to protect future generations. ”


Pointing out that they have stopped unplanned, crooked construction and unconscious use of the lake in Salda in the first place, the Authority mentioned that they forbid the entrance of the lake to the shore of the lake, they saved the lake from the camp and caravan images, and they also removed the accumulated garbage.

Noting that they work with scientists and disassemble at a distance of 800 meters from the lake, the Institution pointed out that they use wooden materials that are compatible with nature and gave the following information:

“Apart from these, we do not allow any construction. One gram of cement, one gram of asphalt will not be poured, not a single nail will be nailed. In order to keep our nature protection sensitivity at the highest level, we will install a camera system that operates on a 7/24 basis in the Salda Lake Project Area. In this way, our citizens will be able to watch our project on the internet anytime they want. ”

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