Health Minister Koca made a statement after the Scientific Committee Meeting

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca made a statement at the press conference held after the Coronary Virus Science Meeting held at Bilkent Campus with a video conference.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, giving information about the struggle process, “Every day we are better and more advanced in the fight against coronavirus. The available data show us that the epidemic is under our control. However, this control can return to an empty hope if you stretch the measures. ”

“Today, The Number of Patients Has Significantly Compared to Yesterday”

Koca, who shared his coronavirus data in the last 24 hours, said: “Today, 37 thousand 535 tests have been completed. According to these results, 3 thousand 83 new patients were identified. In other words, we see that the number of patients has decreased significantly compared to yesterday. Our total number of cases reached 98 thousand 674. We lost 24 of our patients in the last 117 hours. We have a decrease compared to yesterday.

Our number of patients in intensive care is 1814 today. 985 of them are breathed artificially. There was a significant decrease in both intensive care patients and intubated patients. The number of patients recovered together with 1559 citizens who defeated the disease has reached 16 today. ”

Evaluating the service bed, intensive care bed and ventilator occupancy rates with the help of a graph, Koca gave the following information:

“As soon as the epidemic started, we postponed the treatments of our patients who could be treated later. In this way, we prepared a pandemic by providing serious relief in our hospitals. In this period, we reduced the bed occupancy rates from 70 percent to 30 percent. We have now reduced our intensive care bed occupancy rates, which are close to 80 percent, to 60 percent. Despite the pandemic, even now our service and intensive care rooms are not even as full as before the pandemic. ”

The intensive care bed occupancy rate in Turkey with intensive care bed occupancy in European comparison voicing an interesting result revealed her husband, "As a general bed occupancy rate, in very good condition in our country. is one of the only full service every three beds in Turkey, two of them are empty. Considering that all the beds are full in Europe, stadiums, shopping malls and fair areas are considered, the difference will be very clear. ”

"Turkey, with 2,3 percent of the country with the lowest death rate"

Minister Koca also showed the graphs related to death rates by country, directly related to pneumonia, and said:

“Death rates in the USA are 5,3 percent, Spain is 10,5 percent, Italy is 13,2 percent, Germany is 3,5 percent, the UK is 13,5 percent, France is 17,3 percent, China is percent 5,5, Belgium 14,7 percent. In this table, you see that one of the countries with the lowest mortality rate of 2,3 percent and Turkey. This proves that we control the disease before the symptoms progress and we apply an effective treatment. ”

“Intubated fell from 58 percent to 10 percent"

Emphasizing that the death rates of those who entered intensive care and connected to respiratory equipment with the success in early diagnosis and treatment have decreased, “The number of intensive care patients has also decreased recently. If we were not so prepared, many of the risky groups would have very high rates of death.

In this period, we see that the rate of those who died in intensive care fell from 74 percent, while the rate of intubated fell from 58 percent to 14 percent or even 10 percent. This is a very striking example of how successful we achieved in treatment. I would especially like to say that the cases that are still intubated in the world are lost by 50 percent. ”

“8 percent of the people who lost their lives under the age of 60”

Minister Koca emphasized that nobody has the power to say “Nothing will happen to me in this epidemic” and “8 percent of those who lost their lives are people under the age of 60 who do not have any other disease. Therefore, in this sense, the measure should not be left in any age group. ”

“We Should Impose Curfew in Letters”

Emphasizing the importance of better recognition of the virus and the disease every day and gaining awareness in the fight, Koca said, “We should not compromise isolation and the social distance rule. We must strictly follow the curfew. This is not forbidden, it is an opportunity. How the epidemic will progress will be possible with our strict adherence to our measures. ”

“We Should Not Consider Ramadan as an Excuse for Relaxing Measures”

Calling on the citizens for the month of Ramadan, which will start on Friday, Koca said, “Ramadan brings with it its unique liveliness and social life. Please postpone crowded iftars, social environments, Ramadan conversations next year. This month of Mercy should not result in diseases ”.

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