PARS 675 Snap-On Thermal Weapon Scopes Delivered to Gendarmerie

The new PARS 3 Tak-Sök Thermal Weapon Binoculars developed by 675E EOS with local and national facilities were delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command (JnGK).

In the statement made by the Presidency of Defense Industry of the Republic of Turkey (SSB), “Defense industry continues its production. The new PARS 3 Tak-Sök Thermal Weapon Sight, produced by 675E EOS with local facilities for our snipers to shoot with high precision and accuracy at night conditions, was delivered to JGK. ” expressions were included.

PARS 675 Plug-and-Remove Thermal Weapon Sight

PARS is 3E's newest family of thermal weapon sight. PARS is a high resolution, compact, lightweight and robust thermal weapon sight that has earned the trust of the most elite users working in the harshest environments.

PARS has advanced features that provide more capabilities in the field, one of which is real-time data transfer to external devices including IOS and Android. zamIt is an integrated wireless video interface that can transmit the instant video image. PARS provides superior sensitivity and clear image with its advanced image processing feature.

Azami PARS 2.2, which can detect people from 6.7 kilometers and vehicles from 675 kilometers, can operate for 6 hours thanks to its rechargeable Lithium batteries.

Source: savunmasanayist

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