Nissan Prepares to Open UK and Spain Factories

Nissan Prepares to Open UK and Spain Factories

The corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak led many automakers to stop production. But some major automakers like Nissan have already begun preparing to continue production that has stopped due to the outbreak. Japanese car giant Nissan said in its latest statement that it will open its production facility in Barcelona, ​​Spain, starting on May 4, and that its production facilities in the UK are preparing to start production at full speed.

According to reports, Nissan aims to start production safely again by working in partnership with health institutions and associations in Spain. Nissan's plant in Barcelona, ​​Spain, was in Sunderland, England on 13 March, and production stopped on 17 March.

After Nissan starts its production facilities in Spain safely, it will focus on UK facilities with around 6 employees.

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