Additional Additional Custom Tax Applied to Motorcycle

Additional Additional Custom Tax Applied to Motorcycle

The additional tax on the motorcycle increased by 10 percent, and the additional tax on the total increased to 30 percent.

Following the decline of the sector with the effect of the corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic of the motorcycle sector and the increasing exchange rates, the additional customs tax, already enforced by the Decree No. 21 published on the Official Gazette No. 2020 on April 31106, 2430, has increased by 20% and increased by 10%. was brought to. An additional 30% tax on Far Eastern products was announced to be valid until September 10, 30. All motorcycles motorcycle industry leaders gathered after the announcement that coverage can be imported as an emergency until the end of this month, produced motorcycles arrival in Turkey found that 2020-3 months of time, symptoms.

Is it possible to import motorcycles in a month?

leading members of the motorcycle industry, motorcycle orders within 1 month from the Far East voiced not be able to enter Turkey in terms of logistics, but can reach motorcycles manufactured in February to enter Turkey. They also reminded that the production in the Far East had already stopped completely in February and March, and they stated that it would be a miracle if it was reached. The motorcycle sector, which has shrunk in the face of decreasing demand due to the corona virus epidemic, is not only due to the epidemic, but the same zamHe was also crushed by the increasing exchange rates. When the new additional customs duty was added to this, the hope of the motorcycle industry was further broken.

56 Percent Tax Burden

* Taxes paid for a motorcycle below 250 cc increase the additional customs tax to 30%, respectively, and 8% SCT and 18% VAT are added to this rate, and 56% of the total tax is reflected to the consumer. So, a motorcycle with a price of 5.000 TL excluding taxes comes to 8.284 TL when all taxes are added. In this case, 3.284 TL consumer pays taxes.

* This ratio is even worse for motorcycles over 250 cc. As it is known, SCT is applied as 250% instead of 8% in motorcycles over 37 cc. With the same calculation, the price of a motorcycle over 5.000 cc with a tax-free price of 250 TL reaches 10.508 TL.

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