Mercedes-Benz Extends Turkish Warranties

Mercedes Benz Extends Turkish Warranties

Mercedes-Benz Türk is extending the warranty period of Travego and Tourismo model buses sold in 2019 in order to support the owners of intercity bus companies that cannot work due to intercity travel restrictions.

During the corona virus epidemic, Mercedes-Benz Türk, which is frequently brought to the agenda with its support to healthcare professionals, is launching a new application to support bus companies affected by the travel restriction between cities due to the epidemic. Within the scope of the application, the warranty periods of all Mercedes-Benz Travego and Tourismo buses sold in 2019 are extended by the duration of the travel restriction. Mercedes-Benz Turk, same zamIt does not neglect to support its service contracted vehicles within the scope of this application. Service contracts preferred by customers in the past years and currently ongoing are also extended by the duration of the travel restriction.

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