McLaren shares first image of new SUV model GTX

New McLaren GTX

Supercar maker McLaren, like many supercar manufacturers, is trying to grab a slice of the SUV cake. Long zamThe SUV surprise came from McLaren, which resists not producing SUVs. McLaren New SUV Model Releases First Image of GTX.

When Lamborghini launched the Urus model as the pioneer of the SUV trend, it had reached record sales. Other supercar manufacturers who realized this quickly turned to SUV production. Many manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Ferrari and Bugatti have already stepped into the SUV trend. McLaren Shared First Image of New SUV Model GTX.

Technical Data of the New McLaren GTX

McLaren made an unexpected move and introduced the new SUV vehicle, sharing a great visual of the GTX. The new McLaren GTX is expected to be the off-road version of the McLaren GT with a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine.

In the new McLaren GTX, this engine will produce 600 horsepower and provide 766 Nm of torque. This data means 58 horsepower and about 30 Nm more power than the Aston Martin DBX model.

There is no clear information about the technical data of the new McLaren GTX yet, but since the New McLaren GTX will be the off-road version of the McLaren GT with a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, acceleration data is also expected to be close to the McLaren GT model. It is a bit slower than the GT accelerating from 3.1-0 km for 100 seconds and we expect the GT model to approach the maximum speed of 330 km / h.

It is a bit difficult to talk about the design as the visual of the vehicle is not clear, but it is evident from the iconic headlights of the vehicle that the GTX is a McLaren. Also apart from the headlights of the New GTX this zamWe can say that it is unlike any other vehicle ever produced. Still, the boot spoiler gives the GTX a sporty look.

The luxurious interior trims on the McLaren GT are expected to be featured on the new SUV model GTX, as well as the center console and 7-inch touchscreen, which seems to be floating in the air. Delivery of the new McLaren GTX is planned to start on April 1, 2021. There is no information yet about the price of the vehicle, but the price of the New McLaren GTX is expected to be slightly higher than the price of the McLaren GT. The price of the McLaren GT starts from about $ 210.

About McLaren

McLaren Automotive, as used generally, McLaren is a British automotive company that produces sports cars. The company is part of the group of companies McLaren Group, including the successful Formula 1 team McLaren Honda. Founded in 1989 under the name of McLaren Cars, the company transformed in 2009 when Ron Dennis shifted its attention here and took the name McLaren Automotive and entered under the roof of McLaren Group. Source: Wikipedia


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