KIA Telluride Named Car of the Year

Kia Telluride

KIA Telluride is the Car of the Year KIA, which has many awards in the international arena, marked the “Car Awards of the Year”, which the world awaits with its results every year.

KIA won the “Car of the Year Award” in the world with its most preferred model Telluride especially in America, while the electric B SUV model Soul EV was chosen as the “City Car of the Year”.

KIA, which has been honored with many awards in terms of design and engineering with its different models, has returned with two awards from the “Car of the Year” organization, which car enthusiasts expect worldwide.

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Telluride, one of KIA's successful cars in the SUV segment, was awarded the "Car of the Year" in the world, while the electric Soul EV, another model in the B SUV segment, was selected as the "City Car of the Year" in the world.

Introduced in 2019, KIA Telluride stands out as an SUV recommended by the authorities since the first day with its original design and equipment. Telluride, which has won more than 70 awards to date, has been shown in North America as the “Multi Purpose Vehicle of the Year” and “MotorTrend SUV of the Year”.

The all-electric Soul EV was deemed worthy of the “City Car of the Year Award” by the jury with its zero emission feature, impressive range, compact dimensions, bold design and high practical level.

Winners of the highly anticipated Car Awards of the Year each year are determined by an international independent jury of 24 experienced and respected automotive journalists from 86 countries around the world.

Source: hibya news agency

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