The Maskematic Period at Izmir's Metro Stations

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started to place a maskematic at the metro stations to facilitate free access of citizens to the medical mask. The first address of the application was Konak Metro Station. "Our priority is the health of the people of Izmir," said President Tunç Soyer, who used the mask.

When the use of masks in public spaces became mandatory due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality began to place masks at metro stations to facilitate the access of citizens to the medical mask. The first one, which will be put into service at Konak Metro Station, will be put into 10 more stations from the beginning of the week.

After the Metro passengers pay the price of the trip with İzmirim card, they can get the hygiene package by showing their İzmirim cards to the maskematic inside. In this process, no decrease is made from İzmirim Card. The package contains 4 masks and a 100 milliliter disinfectant. In the coming days, disinfectant will be removed from the package to facilitate distribution, the number of masks will be five. Izmirim card users will be able to receive a hygiene package once a week.

First use from President Soyer

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer became the first user of the masking at Konak Metro Station. Tunç Soyer, who received a hygiene package with his İzmirim card, emphasized the importance of using mask and hygiene in combating the coronavirus epidemic. Stating that they will increase the number of masculinists in order to ensure that the people of Izmir can access the mask more comfortably and sterile, Mayor Soyer said, “This system provides a sterile use opportunity since you do not take your masks from one hand and open the bag yourself. In this way, we provide our citizens with a service that is much more peaceful and easier to access. I express my gratitude to our company, which manufactures the maskematic vending machine. It is also proud that a firm from Izmir is doing this. The health of Izmir comes first of all. This new service should be auspicious to the people of Izmir. ”

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