Kovid-19 Alarm in Istanbul Metro ..! Air Conditioners Spread Virus

It was claimed that coronavirus was detected in the driver's seat of the subways, which constitute an important part of public transportation in Istanbul, and the factors that caused it were air conditioners that were open in the wagons and machinist sections.

It has been suggested that new types of coronavirus (Kovid-19) were detected in many machinists in Metro Istanbul. As a reason for the transmission, it was claimed that there were air conditioners open in all wagons and machinists section. It is stated that social distance rule does not work in subway wagons because air conditioners are always open for passenger comfort.

“Source of Coronavirus, Air Conditioners”

It was claimed that a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) was detected in many machinists working under the Metro Istanbul company affiliated to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).

Air conditioners, which are adjusted to keep the heat inside at 24-26 degrees during the whole trip and in summer and winter, were shown to the machinists as the cause of the virus transmission.

“Makes the Social Distance Rule Meaningless”

It was suggested that all the wagons have air circulation because the whole journey takes place under open air conditioners, which makes the social distance rule meaningless.

It was stated that this danger is not only limited to the subways, there is an air circulation and all the vehicles with air conditioners have similar dangers.

It was argued that air conditioners should be kept off in order to prevent virus spread during travels.

(Source: superhaber.tv)

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