Corona Virus Support For Motorcycle Couriers From Honda

Corona Virus Support For Motorcycle Couriers From Honda

Corona Virus Support For Motorcycle Couriers Arrived From Honda. Nowadays when the Corona Virus is spreading rapidly and people don't get out of their homes as much as possible, the couriers with motorcycles are working like bees, if it is possible. The motorcycle courier business, which is normally a risky job in the period, has become even more risky with the corona virus outbreak. In this risky period, Honda has announced that it provides payment support for motorcycled couriers and operators under the name "Payouts for all of us in July", so that couriers do not consider payments.

Honda launched a new support campaign for motorcycle owners in the Scooter segment, especially for business owners who did not discontinue service during the Coronavirus outbreak. As part of this support campaign, which was launched exclusively for April, where individual customers can benefit, as well as business owners, motorcycle models in the Scooter segment offer 3-month deferral payments.

In addition, Honda Offers Low Interest and Up to 24 Months Installment Options

Paying up to 125 thousand TL for the loan of up to 15 thousand TL for Spacy Alpha, Activa S and PCX 0,66 models in the Scooter segment, in the support campaign especially for operators and individual customers serving in the food and retail sector. will start after months and up to 3 months installments are offered.

In addition, Honda said, "We are delighted to support those who survive on these difficult days." He did not neglect to give a message of support to motorcycles couriers.

Source: Honda


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