Meteksan Defense Touch to the Critical Component of Missiles

Meteksan Defense, which has developed and introduced the high-tech critical systems of the platforms in the defense industry locally, nationally and originally, now offers a new product to the users that will prevent the confusion of Global Positioning Systems signals, which is one of the most important threats in the operational environment.

Since the Global Positioning System (KKS) signals go a long way until they reach the receiver, they are weakening in strength due to atmospheric effects. This situation causes the Global Positioning Systems to be easily suppressed by various mixers, the receiver loses the signal tracking and starts to not produce solutions. The confusion of the Global Positioning Systems in many of our national platforms by enemy elements causes great problems until the platforms lose their function or even crash.

It is critical to clean and suppress mixer signals for the survival of our military platforms. In this context, Meteksan Defense completed the development of Anti-Jamming GNSS (Mixing / Deception Control KKS System) product that supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU satellite signals and can work in multiple frequency bands. Thanks to the Meteksan Defense Anti-Jamming GNSS product, the direction of the mixing signal can be determined and the suppression of the mixing signals is provided by using spatial filtering. After the mixer signals are distinguished with the help of the algorithm on the signals in the signal processing unit, the cleaned signal is reconstructed to be given to the standard KKS receivers.

Meteksan Defense Anti-Mixing KKS unit is the same zamAt the same time, since it has internal GPS receiver capability, it does not need an external GPS receiver, with filtered GPS signals for position/velocity/zamcan calculate instant information. Thanks to the advanced antenna design infrastructure of Meteksan Defense, CRPA also develops its own antenna designs and can offer platform-specific antenna diversity.

Anti-Jamming GNSS, developed by Meteksan Defense with completely local and national facilities, is distinguished from its counterparts as a product that includes world-class technologies against blending threats that we may encounter in the combat environment, which can be used in all types of platforms, primarily missile systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Meteksan Defense General Manager Selçuk Alparslan states that Anti-Jamming GNSS is one of the examples of Meteksan Defense's proactive product development approach: “The advanced technology electronic systems we have developed for many of our military platforms such as helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and missile systems are in Meteksan Defense. ; It has created a very serious accumulation in terms of human resources, technology, infrastructure and business ecosystem. We transfer this accumulation to other areas we see needed, without waiting for it to be a project, using our own resources. Anti-Jamming GNSS is also a product of this approach. We are confident that this new system will make an important contribution to the reliability and security of the platforms of our Turkish Armed Forces. ”

Technical Specifications of Anti-Jamming GNSS:

Anti Jamming GNSS
Anti Jamming GNSS
  • Ability to work in GPS L1, GPS L2 and GLONASS L1 frequency bands
  • 4 channel array antenna (CRPA)
  • Antenna design suitable for the platform
  • Resistant to multiple mixers at the same time
  • Ability to work at high speed, maneuver and height
  • Low power requirement, weight and small dimensions
  • Internal Receiver Feature
  • MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F compatibility

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