Ford Starts to Save Lives with New Breathing Masks

Ford Breathing Apparatus

Ford Started to Save Lives with New Breathing Masks It Produces.After auto manufacturer Ford suspended production indefinitely, Covid-19 was among the first automakers to volunteer to produce masks, ventilators, respirators and other personal protective equipment to support the fight against the epidemic. . On April 13, 2020, Ford announced that it plans to expand the production of vital medical equipment and supplies for healthcare workers, first responders and patients fighting the corona virus. Ford started making three million hundred trenches in Michigan. In addition, Ford started production of the Motor air purifier respirator (device in the photo below) starting from April 14.

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What is Motor Air Cleaner Breathing Apparatus? What Does Motor Air Cleaner Respirators Do?

Motor Air Cleaner Breathing Masks are designed to provide fresh air to the person. Air is supplied from a high-pressure compressor. They can be connected to the supply air system, such as the hood, hood, full-face mask, half-face surface, and loose-fitting face mask.

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