Ferrari produced an interesting apparatus to combat corona virus

An apparatus that converts norkel masks into respirators

Ferrari plays an important role in the fight against the corona virus outbreak in Italy. Like the car manufacturers all over the world, the Ferrari brand produces equipment to be used in the fight against the virus instead of producing sports cars in its factory in Maranello. However, Ferrari has added an unusual new apparatus to these equipment.

So, What is This Unusual New Apparatus?

Ferrari has announced that it has produced an apparatus that turns snorkel masks into respirators to combat the corona virus. These new apparatuses, which were announced after the meeting between the company's shareholders earlier this week, are now being delivered to hospitals in Italy.

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Turning snorkel masks into breathing apparatus is a bright and innovative idea. The idea of ​​producing this interesting apparatus came from a group of Italian engineers, and it was proved to be successful by performing tests on the following days, when a lot of respiratory deficiency was lacking. This new equipment is produced using 3D (3D) printing technologies.

Meanwhile, Ferrari had announced that it had extended its break to automobile production a few days ago until May 3.


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