Elon Musk Says Tesla Cybertruck Model Can Swim

Elon Musk Says Tesla Cybertruck Model Can Swim

The Tesla Cybertruck model received over 600.000 pre-orders despite its unusual design. However, since the Cybertruck model introduced last year is a concept vehicle, there will be some changes in the design.

Elon Musk confirmed that the production version will be smaller than the vehicle introduced as a concept. However, it turns out that Cybertruck's design will offer an advantage you don't think of. Responding to a user who asked for the depth of Cybertruck's passing through shallow waters on Twitter, Elon Musk replied that Cybertruck will "float for a while".


Twitter user asked Elon Musk the question: “Have you considered the shallow depth of Cybertruck? I hunt and fish and sometimes I have to cross the currents. Can I do it without damaging the truck? ”

Elon Musk replied: “Yes. It will swim for a while. ”

It is reassuring to know that Tesla Cybertruck can pass deep water without damaging the vehicle. As Twitter user pointed out to Musk, it can be said that it is a very useful feature for users who frequently pass through streams or puddles while hunting and fishing.

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