World armies establish their medical forces against the virus at the online fair


The 'Medical Forces', which started with virus wars, are becoming active in many countries. The leaders of the military medical industry, the world's first international online fair and conference with military procurement offices of world armies on 9-10 June 2020 Military Medical Webexmeets in.

For the first time in the world, having a full-fledged online job interview, product exhibit and international conference Military Medical Webex fairIt will be held on the internet between 9-10 June 2020.

The military medical sector, which has begun to be noticed by everyone with the introduction of virus wars to the world agenda, gains importance with the effects of the coronavirus. Turkey's process management focus toward Covidien-19, the name of development by increasing local and national medical and byproducts is being talked about frequently. The world's first, single and largest online military medical products fair Military Mediacal WebexAttendance will be limited to 1.000 very special people.

Military Medical Webex s

  • Armored medical vehicles,
  • Air health and services,
  • Clean room technology,
  • Health information and management systems,
  • laboratory, analytical, biotechnology devices and services,
  • Medical devices,
  • Medical technologies,
  • Very special futurist solutions,
  • With laboratory services,
  • Companies that offer Marketing Service Provider, Distributor, Distributor, Logistics solutions, military supply offices of world armies and participant companies have the opportunity to display their products.

Limited participation to 1000 people

Providing different meeting and exhibition package options for those who want to exhibit their products Military Medical Webexalso limited the number of exhibitors to 1.000 people. Military supply offices of many armies of the world Military Medical Webexwill make the first decision of new generation military medical purchases in this fair.

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