Healthy Transportation with Denizli Card Online Filling Process

Denizli Card online filling process, which Denizli Metropolitan Municipality launched last year, reached 280 thousand loading numbers, while it was announced that the contactless loading system is important within the scope of Kovid-19 measures.

The number of Denizli Card online filling transactions, which Denizli Metropolitan Municipality was used in municipal buses last year, reached 280 thousand. Citizens' online filling process, using credit or debit cards, without having to be a dealer or filling point, has also provided great benefits to healthy transportation. End zamIt was stated that the contactless TL loading system for the Denizli Card, whose use is increasing at times, is also important within the scope of Kovid-19 measures. The online filling process, which citizens can use wherever they want, has been used since July 29, 2019 in Denizli.

Denizli Card Online Download Addresses

Online filling system  denizli.bel.t is "Denizli Card TL Loading" button located at the address, denizlikart.denizli.bel.t is It is carried out through the Transportation Portal in the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality application, which can be downloaded from or from mobile devices with Android or IOS operating systems. With the application, citizens can perform online filling processes quickly without needing a dealer or a filling point to load TL to Denizli Card.

How to Refill Denizli Card Online?

The system, which can be entered into Denizli Card by credit card or debit card by entering from computer or mobile devices, works as follows:

  • With the 8-digit card number on your Denizli Card, you can download TL online.
  • In Denizli Cards that do not have a card number, you can perform the loading process at the Card Filling Points over the card number in the previous filling slip.
  • Online downloads to Denizli Card will be activated automatically within 10 minutes after the payment and the first time your card is used in the vehicle.
  • Denizli Card TL loading amount 5 (five) TL, 10 (ten) TL, 20 (twenty) TL, 30 (thirty) TL, 40 (forty) TL, 50 (fifty) TL, 100 (one hundred) TL and 150 (one hundred) fifty) TL.
  • As a result of Denizli Card Online TL transactions, the card balance can be maximum 150 (one hundred and fifty) TL.
  • TL payment to Denizli Card over the Internet can only be done with Credit Cards and Debit Cards with 3D Secure feature enabled.

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