Telephone Psychosocial Support for Citizens Due to COVID-19


The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services provides psychological support services over the age of 65, people with disabilities, martyrs and veterans, and those who are in quarantine, who are in demand and who are in need.

Psychosocial Support is Provided to About 14 Thousand People per Week by Phone

Request by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services for people over 19 years old, people with disabilities, those who take care of people with disabilities, relatives and veterans, foster families, those who come from abroad and are under quarantine, and those who need it. psychosocial support services are provided to those found.

Accordingly, the Provincial Directorates of Family, Labor and Social Services, for people who are isolated in the context of COVID-19 epidemic measures or who are under quarantine in the dormitories, are affected by the process, experience various problems, feel unhappy, have disabilities in their households, care for them and have difficulties due to being at home all the time. provides COVID-19 Psychosocial Support service by phone.

Psychosocial supports are provided by staff consisting of psychologists, psychological counselors and social workers.

Professional staff both learn their needs and provide moral support by calling people over the age of 65 even if there is no demand.

Psychological support interview times vary between 20-30 minutes. In case of need, citizens are followed up periodically.

Support lines provide service between 08.00-17.30 in some provinces, 08.00-20.00 in some provinces, 08.00-24.00 in some provinces, and 7/24 in some provinces.

Within the scope of psychosocial support services, citizens are also informed about coronavirus, COVID-19 disease, ways to prevent disease, and 14 rules determined for protection. By analyzing family, psychosocial or economic problems, consultancy services are applied in the areas they need and they are provided with access to appropriate services. In addition, by providing guidance service on activities that strengthen family communication and support child development, talks are held to improve citizens' coping skills.

Covidien-19 since being seen in Turkey, which began to be concentrated in the scope of services and in the process continue in the week of April 7-15, psychosocial support for phones across the country has passed 13 thousand.

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