Continental Commenced Medical Hose Production

Continental Medical Hose

In Italy, which went through a bad process due to the corona virus epidemic, it started to produce medical hoses to fight Covid-19 from Continental, a tire manufacturer. Continental has announced that it has started manufacturing medical hoses at the Daverio factory in Italy.

Difficult due to the Covid-19 pandemic zama meaningful support came from the technology company Continental to Italy. Continental started to produce the hoses needed by the healthcare sector in Bergamo and Lombardy at its Daverio factory in Italy.

Continental, which started to produce low pressure hose sets for use with medical gases in respiratory equipment, provides the transportation of air, oxygen, nitrogen oxide, helium and carbon dioxide gases with the PVC hose it produces.

medical hose

Making a statement on the subject, Marco Tamborini, director of thermoplastic hose production of Continental Italy, said, “Although production has slowed down at the Continental North Italy plant due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have pressed the button to meet the special demands of the Italian healthcare industry, which has gone through a difficult process. We temporarily commissioned a production line to meet the needs of our customers and supply hoses to the medical industry. We consider our support to be a critical contribution to all helping hands extended to Bergamo and the Italian people in the medical field. All healthcare professionals carry out a very important task in Italy, as in the whole world. For this reason, the hoses we have started to produce serve a very critical task for the transport of air and various medical gases needed in healthcare applications. For example; hoses not only for low pressure transfers but same zam"It is also used for respiratory equipment such as the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) system, which supports the patient's spontaneous breathing, to absorb the gas easily." Tamborini also said that they will focus on the production of medical hoses for the European health sector, especially in these days when the need for medical equipment used in respiratory diseases is very high.

“Uninterrupted supply of medical applications is of great importance”

Cotinental produces the hoses for the Bergamo-based Flow-meter, a specialist in control and supply devices. "We have received many thank you letters from the hospitals we have been servicing in the past few days," said Flowmeter CEO Roberto Paratico, who said that Bergamo province has been influenced by pandemics. Especially in such a period, we would not have been able to do this without our reliable partners. In this ongoing tense environment, uninterrupted supply of medical applications for healthcare facilities in the region is of great importance. ”

Hose solutions for anesthesia and breathing equipment

Continental's medical gas hose stands out as a PVC hose with a polyester thread-reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) conductive bottom layer and a polyurethane (PU) intermediate adhesive layer. These hoses make their job easier in the pandemic period of the health sector with their suitability for the transportation of air, oxygen, nitrogen oxide, helium and carbon dioxide gases.


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