Buses Left Empty Due To Travel Restriction

Intercity Buses Left Empty Due To Travel Restrictions

Intercity buses remained empty due to travel restrictions. So where are the idle buses? Travel restrictions were imposed as part of the corona virus outbreak measures. The sector most affected by this restriction was the intercity passenger transport sector. Buses of companies engaged in intercity passenger transportation remained empty. Travel Passenger buses, which remained empty within the scope of the restriction, were parked in the rally area in Yenikapı, Istanbul. Passenger buses belonging to various companies will stop at the rally area in Yenikapı, Istanbul until the outbreak of the corona virus ends and the passenger transportation is allowed again.

What are the conditions of getting a Travel Permit?

  • Those who are discharged from the hospital where they are treated and who want to return to their residence, who are referred with a doctor's report or who have received a doctor appointment and control.
  • Those who will travel to attend the funeral of himself or his wife, first-degree relatives who passed away, or his brother.
  • Except for those whose cause of death is Covid-19, those who will accompany the funeral transfer, provided that they do not exceed 4 people.
  • Those who came to the city in which they were in the last 5 days but those who do not have a place to stay and want to return to their settlements.
  • Those who want to complete their military service and return to their settlements.
  • Those who are invited to private or public daily contract.
  • Those released from penal institutions
  • After coming from abroad, the 14-day quarantine and surveillance period in the dormitories belonging to the Credit and Hostels Institution where they were placed.
  • Permission certificate is limited to the number of passengers in private vehicles.

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