Intelligent Parking Feature Comes to Tesla Vehicles This Year

Intelligent Parking Feature Comes to Tesla Vehicles This Year

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is working on a new feature that will allow vehicles to find parking space on their own after releasing the drivers. Elon Musk announced that this new feature will be available before this year.

Tesla's last zamOne of the prominent and interesting software updates at the time was the Smart Summon feature. Thanks to this feature, Tesla owners can remotely open their vehicles and ensure that the vehicle comes to their location. For example, you do not need to go to your vehicle when it is raining, it comes to your location and saves you from getting wet. In addition, although this new feature may seem useful, it is zammoments caused confusion in the parking lots.

How does the Tesla Smart Summon feature work?

Now, in addition to the Smart Summon Feature, the Intelligent Parking Feature is Coming to Tesla Branded Vehicles.

An update will be made to Tesla branded vehicles that will allow them to find a parking space after leaving their owners where they want to go. Elon Musk, in a new post on his Twitter account, gave the message that this new update will come this year.

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