New to Gasoline Zam coming

New to Gasoline Zam coming

New to Gasoline Zam Is coming. Discounts on gasoline liter prices and zam The news is not interrupted. Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus epidemic, discounts on fuel prices have been repeatedly and zams were done. Today is new to gasoline zam it became clear that it will be done. According to the statement made by EPGİS (Energy, Oil and Gas Supply Stations Employers' Union) on its official Twitter account, as of 07.04.2020, the price of gasoline per liter 15 cents zam done.

Made To Gasoline ZamWhat Will Be The Prices After?

Gas Prices Change in Three Major Cities

Gasoline price of 5,26 TL per liter in Ankara, zamwill be 5,41 TL after.

Gasoline price of 5,25 TL per liter made in İzmir zamwill be 5,40 TL after.

Gasoline price of 5,13 TL per liter made in Istanbul zamwill be 5,28 TL after.

Prices are taken from Tp.

Discounts to Fuel Prices so far and Zams:

On the first sale, 60 cents to gasoline and 56 cents to the engine were discounted.

In the second sale, a discount of 51 cents was made for only gasoline.

In a few days, 7 cents to gasoline zam It was made

In the Third Discount, the engine was given a 26-cent discount.

In the Fourth Discount, 16 cents of petrol and 19 cents of diesel were discounted.

In the Fifth Discount, 22 cents of gasoline were discounted.

Second zam7 cents per liter to gasoline prices zam done.

Second zam13 cents per liter to gasoline prices zam done.

8 cents discount for gasoline and 6 cents for engine zam done.

Gasoline 10 cents engine and 8 cents discount was made.

8 cents for gasoline zam A discount of 95 kurus was made for LPG.

14 cents discount was made to the liter price of gasoline.

Liter price of gasoline 20 cents zam done.

As of tonight, 15 cents per liter of gasoline zam to do.

How to Calculate Current Fuel Prices

Fuel prices, Turkey, on the basis of changes in the dollar exchange rate with the average price of processed products in the market, including the Mediterranean and is calculated by the refinery.

As a result of this calculation, the prices applied by distribution companies may vary slightly compared to companies and cities due to competition and freedom.

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