Bentley Bacalar Introduced Its New Colors

Bentley Bacalar Red Color

Bentley Bacalar Introduced Its New Colors. Luxury car maker Bentley has launched its new open-top model in recent months. Bacalarhad introduced. Bacalar It was announced that only 12 of these ultra luxury cars named after them would be produced and the prices of their vehicles would be $ 1,9 million.

Using a beautiful yellow shade in its official promotional vehicle, Bentley introduced its new interior and exterior colors. The new Bentley that comes in many different color combinations Bacalar He shared images of 12 interior and exterior color combinations. Bentley also states that these vehicles are in contact with customers who directly purchased them for their customization, and BacalarBentley, the most special vehicle to date BacalarYou can check out the new colors from in the photo gallery below.

Bentley Bacalar Photos of New Color Combinations

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In the photo gallery just above, Bentley has 6 different color combinations. Bacalar we see their designs. With these different designs, Bentley BacalarHe wanted to show which parts of it were customizable. In addition, all of these designs are given different special names.

About Bentley Brand

Bentley is a British luxury car manufacturer. Bentley was founded in England on January 18, 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley. Originally producing only engines and chassis, the company produced aircraft engines during the First World War; started producing luxury cars. Bentley, which was acquired by Rolls-Royce in 1931, has offered quite similar models with the same technical staff until 1998. Bentley sold to Volkswagen for 1998 Million Pounds in 430; In 2005, it sold a total of 3654 cars, 8627 of which were in the United States. The company, which has won 6 places in Le Mans races, has its headquarters and factory in Cheshire near Manchester.

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