Arkas Logistics Carries out Railway Transports with its Contactless Operation Motto

Arkas Logistics, in these days when the whole world is fighting the COVID-19 virus with the motto "Non-Contact Operation", zamThanks to the railway investments it has made, it also plays an active role in the railway transportation, whose demand has increased due to the problems experienced on the road.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, while the stones in the whole world trade were re-aligned, Arkas Logistics, which adopted the motto of "Contactless Operation", zamIt prioritizes the health of both its business partners and its members by minimizing physical contact while creating immediate and cost advantages.

The safest mode of transport in terms of coronavirus Railway

The fact that physical contact is less in rail transport compared to other types of transport makes this system more preferable compared to the road. Long queues and prolonged processes caused by measures taken on the road bring the railroad period in world trade again. It is able to carry 40 trucks with one rail only by two machinists at a time. On the road, this means a minimum of 40 drivers, or 40 people. This provides a very important advantage for continuing trade and transportation, preventing the spread of the epidemic in this period when the contact is needed to be minor.

Pioneer in Rail Transport

Arkas, which has given importance to railway transportation for many years with the belief that railway transports will improve Anatolia more, is ready to offer the most suitable solution to its customers when it needs it with its predictive investments. Arkas Logistics fleet with more than 700 cars in Turkey's most important industrial import and export containers from the port to the city railway transportation is doing.

Arkas Logistics, currently maintaining two ground terminal plans in Mersin-Yenice and Izmit-Kartepe,
Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway started scheduled flights from Turkey by installing the first company in the position of the railway line. Arkas Logistics General Manager Onur Göçmez said, “While the queues and disruptions caused by the controls carried out on the highway due to the COVID-19 outbreak have started to affect the trade negatively, the railway has once again become the most important module for the solution of troubled processes with the help of non-contact transportation. We think that this situation will not be temporary, and the share of railways will increase in the outbreak and from there, ”he says.

Support to TCDD

In this context, we started to carry the loads of industrialists in Kütahya from the Kütahya Alayunt station to the ports of Evyapport and DP World Yarimca in Derince Bay. Here, we have been serving here in our 10 equity wagons starting from this week when using TCDD's wagons before. Thus, we have increased our number of wagons here. ” Mentioning that the export and import transportation from Konya Organized Industrial Zone to Mersin Port has been going on for a long time, Göçmez said that they carried out these transports again with TCDD wagons and that they have recently dictated 10 equity wagons to this region. Giving information that there are 77 equity wagons in Kayseri, Göçmez said, "In this way, the number of equity wagons in all regions will reach 117".

Noting that, as Arkas Logistics, with the increase in wagon demands, TCDD is cooperating with TCDD to put its own wagons into use on the BTK line to support the supply problem, Göçmez said, “We plan to put our 15-20 equity wagon into service on this line. already in the BTK line we move from Turkey to CIS countries exceeded 65 thousand tons of cargo; we even load half of the total load transported. We aim to increase the flights once a week to two times a week.

We will meet the increasing demands of our exporters in this way and this zam"We will continue to stand by both our industrialists and our state," he said.

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