Day Limit Arrived at Car Wash Stations

Day Limit Arrived at Car Wash Stations

Day Limit Has Arrived to Car Wash Stations. Car wash stations will be allowed to work no more than two days a week. As a result of the intensification of general and personal hygiene practices within the framework of the measures taken to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, water consumption increased significantly. According to İZSU General Directorate data, 1 million m XNUMX more water was consumed in İzmir compared to March of the previous year. For this reason, the Day Limit has come to Car Wash Stations

Restrictions have been imposed on the operating times of licensed stations

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which thinks that water consumption should be taken under control in order to carry out the struggle, which is thought to continue in the coming months, is going to a new regulation. Secretary General Dr. With a letter sent to the district mayors with the signature of Buğra Gökçe, it was requested to stop the activities of the car wash stations working without a license.

In the article, it was requested from the district municipalities to make arrangements and provide inspections that would allow the car wash stations, which meet the legal requirements, to work no more than two days a week.

It was emphasized that cleaning and disinfection works are carried out meticulously in the areas and buildings where the public is located within the framework of the decisions taken by the Scientific Committee established by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, and that these applications naturally increase the water consumption. It was stated that it was deemed appropriate to limit the activities of car wash stations, where water consumption is high, by emphasizing the importance of controlling the use of water resources to maintain the epidemic..



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