Combined Autonomous and Electric Cargo Van Introduced

Autonomous and Electric Cargo Van

This electric and autonomous cargo van introduced by the automobile company Karma, Fiat It carries the body of Ducato. However, according to the company's statement, Karma's new E-Flex platform is located in the infrastructure of this vehicle. Karma says that this infrastructure is quite flexible, meaning that this vehicle with Fiat Ducato body can easily turn into other vehicles. Detailed information about the vehicle, which has the capacity to have up to 4 electric engines, autonomous driving systems and many other technologies, has not been shared yet.

Concentrating on electric and hybrid vehicles, Fisker, formerly Karma, introduced a new platform called E-Flex recently. In addition, the company announced that it was working on autonomous delivery-cargo vans during the promotion. Not long after these explanations, Karma company exhibited the electric cargo van with a 4th level semi-autonomous driving system. Regarding the vehicle, it is known that the vehicle uses the systems of WeRide and Nvidia as the autonomous driving system of the vehicle.

About Karma Automotive Company

Fisker Automotive is an American company known to manufacture Fisker Karma, one of the world's first production luxury plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. But the name of the company has changed and has been Karma. Fisker Automotive, a car company founded in California, USA, got its name from the surname of its CEO and founder Henrik Fisker. Between 2011 and 2012, the company was known for the world's first production luxury plug-in hybrid electric sedan car called Karma. Years later, the name of this car became the name of the company. The new model named Revero of this company, which is named Karma today, bears the spirit of the old Karma model.

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