Assignment to KIA Motors Presidential Chair

Assignment to KIA Motors Presidential Chair

Assignment to the Presidential seat at KIA Motors Corporation. Ho-sung Song, who has been working at high positions in KIA for many years, was appointed as the chairman. Song will continue the company's medium and long-term 'Plan S' strategy and lead KIA's efforts towards 2025 vision.

Ho-sung Song, who heads the Global Operations Division at KIA Motors Corporation, has been appointed as the President of the company. With its new position, Ho-sung Song will continue its medium and long-term Plan S strategy, which aims to gradually make the company a leader in the automotive industry. Song's expertise in the automotive value chain and his experience in international operations are expected to contribute to KIA's position in the international arena in the development of electric vehicles and mobility solutions.

Lastly serving as the Head of Global Operations, Song has previously held many senior positions, including the President of KIA Motors Europe and the President of the KIA Motors Corporation Export Planning Group.

Han-woo Park, former chairman of KIA Motors Corporation, will continue to support the company's goals as a consultant.

With the Plan S strategy, KIA aims to transition from a business model that focuses on internal combustion engine vehicles to electric and autonomous vehicles. The company plans to offer a range of 2025 battery-powered electric vehicles by the end of 11. With these models, KIA continues to work to achieve a 6,6% share in the global electric vehicle market (excluding China) and to make up 25% of its sales from environmentally friendly cars..

Source: Hibya News Agency

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