Precautions To Be Taken Before Going Long

Precautions To Be Taken Before Going Long
Precautions To Be Taken Before Going Long

Traffic insurance must be checked before setting off on a long journey. If it is a renewal period, one should not leave without traffic insurance. As it is known, traffic insurance is an obligatory insurance and it must be done without interruption when the renewal process comes.

One of the things to be checked while making preparations for the long road is the validity period of the casco if the vehicle has an existing helmet. If the renewal period has come, they should be renewed without negligence.

For emergencies, it is useful to have a small repair bag, portable lamp, spare bulb and flashlight in your vehicle and check the first aid kit and complete it if any are missing. The expiration date of the fire extinguisher tube should also be checked. It will also be useful to keep a small engine oil in your vehicle, taking into account the wiper water and the possibility that it may be required.

Always check the robustness of the spare wheel, jack and wheel bolts before setting off, make sure they are intact and working.

Check the settings of your headlights before traveling, if there is a problem, make sure to correct them before you go. Also, before you go on a long road, clean your lamps by wiping them thoroughly. to provide a solid viewing angle during the journey.

Do not start without cleaning your windscreen wipers and windows. If your wipers do not wipe well, they will reduce your visibility and endanger you while driving. Also be sure to check your wiper water level before you go. In any case, it is useful to have spare water in your trunk.

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