TOTAL ANAC Analysis Series Has Been Renewed

total anac analysis series renewed
total anac analysis series renewed

Total Turkey Marketing has launched the new analysis series of ANAC, a non-equivalent mineral oil analysis system. The privatized ANAC mineral oil analysis portfolio offers new solutions tailored to the needs of fleets serving the agricultural and construction machinery sectors, as well as urban and long-distance transportation. Costs from unplanned breakdowns are prevented, while equipment is operated at higher efficiency for a longer period of time.

showing 30 years of operating in the mineral oil sector in Turkey Turkey Total Marketing, advanced oil analysis system has renewed the series ANAC. ANAC system, which has been growing with data from around the world for 40 years and based on the data pool containing more than seven million diagnoses, diagnoses vehicle or equipment problems with oil analysis. The system offers special solutions to help find where the problem is caused (air filter, injection pump, cooling system) and correct it before it becomes serious.

Developed specifically for four sectors

TOTAL has launched new analysis series with ANAC to meet its customers' needs in the city transportation, long-haulage, agriculture and construction machinery sectors more privately and to provide comprehensive solutions. First of these, ANAC CITY was developed specifically for urban road transport, such as distribution trucks, garbage trucks and city buses, based on the scientific interpretation of used oil analysis data. ANAC TRANSPORT was developed specifically for road fleets that do long-haulage. ANAC AGRI has been specially developed for tractors, combines and other agricultural equipment used in agricultural applications. Finally, ANAC OFF-ROAD was developed for vehicles used in heavy duty conditions such as loaders, dampers and cranes, mining and construction equipment used in earthmoving applications.

“We provide competitive advantage”

TOTAL Turkey Marketing and Technology Director Fırat Dokur said in a statement on the subject: “The needs of four different sectors that require different working conditions were evaluated in detail and new ANAC oil analysis system series were developed in line with the identified needs. The customized ANAC used oil analysis systems enable us to offer tailor-made solutions to the needs of our fleet customers in four major segments. We help prevent costs caused by unplanned breakdowns and enable equipment to run at higher efficiency for longer. In this way, we aim to provide our fleet customers with competitive advantage in the sector. ”

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