Tesla Model Y Deliveries Started

Tesla Model Y Deliveries Started
Tesla Model Y Deliveries Started

Tesla announced that the customers who pre-ordered Model Y will have their vehicles delivered in the autumn months. Tesla announced that it has started delivery of Model Y through its official Twitter account today.

Model Y, first produced in May of last year and Tesla's fifth generation electric car, started to be delivered to its customers in the USA. Tesla started vehicle deliveries, with almost all carmakers stopping production due to the Corona virus outbreak.

Tesla was attracted by many people when the model Y, which it introduced as a compact SUV model, was introduced. The vehicle, which has an average range of 505 to 510 km, will be able to have a range of approximately 15 km after being charged in 255 minutes at fast filling stations.

Model Y performance model attracts attention with its 234 km / h top speed and 3,5 seconds 0-100 duration. In addition, the Performance model is only available with 19 inch wheels.

Unlike the performance model, the Long Range AWD model has two different wheel options, 19 and 20 inches. Limited to 217 km / h, the model can accelerate from 4,8 to 0 km / h in 100 seconds.

As with the old models, all the controls of the vehicle will be made on the 15 inch touch screen. The model, which started the delivery process, includes the necessary equipment for full autonomous driving.

Tesla Model Y Video:

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