Tesla Model Y Dimensions Leaked

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

The properties of the Tesla Model Y, such as its length and width, have not been known until now. Thanks to the screenshots taken from an internal technical document of Tesla, the dimensions of the Tesla Model Y were revealed.

Dimensions of Tesla Model Y by Images:

Total length: 4,75 meters

Total width including mirrors: 2,12 meters

Total width when mirrors are folded: 1,97 meters

Total width without mirrors: 1,92 meters

Total height: 1,62 meters

Unladen vehicle weight (Long range battery, double engine): 2.003 kg

Gross tree weight (Long range battery, double engine): 2.405 kg

Gross vehicle weight distribution (Dual engine): Front part 46%, rear part 54%

Azami axle weight (Front wheel 20 inches): 1.363 kg

Azami axle weight (Rear wheel 20 inches): 1.500 kg

Tesla Model 3 is 4,69 meters long, 2,08 meters wide with mirrors and 1,44 meters high, and Model Y appears to be 5 cm longer and wider and 15 cm higher. Model Y is also 3 kg heavier than Tesla Model 156.

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