Renault Spring Reunites Electrically

Renault Spring Reunites Electrically

A zamthe legend of moments, Renault Spring is renewed. Spring Renault models sold very popular in Turkey will turn into a modern electric car. The new electric Spring comes with the Renault Group's other brand, Dacia. Dacia Spring aims to be the most accessible electric car on the market.

With Dacia, Logan and Duster models, it almost turned the automotive industry upside down. It offered affordable, lean, modern, reliable and solid cars. Thanks to this strategy, Dacia had approximately 6,5 million customers. Dacia has the potential to turn the electric car market upside down with its electric Spring model.

The new electric Spring will have a driving range of approximately 200 km. In addition, Dacia will guarantee versatility for the new electric Spring. Thanks to this guarantee, inter-city use is promised as much as in the city.

The new electric Dacia Spring model is expected to go on sale in 2021. The price of the vehicle is not yet clear.

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