The New Concept Vehicle of Renault Brand Morphoz

Renault New Concept Vehicle Morphoz

Renault organized a digital launch for the concept model Morphoz. Renault new concept Morphoz reflects the vision of a personal and shareable electric vehicle for 2025. Morphoz offers many different options in terms of capacity and range, as well as user options and luggage volume.

Specializing in electric vehicles, Renault managed to introduce 10 electric vehicles in 8 years. For more versatility and long range, the locomotive model has continually developed ZOE. Renault's electric models, which also developed the Twingo ZE model, which offers a range suitable for urban use, include Renault City K-ZE, the small city SUV model launched in China, and Europe's most important electric light commercial vehicle range.

Providing information about the car, Renault Group Design Director Laurens Van den Acker: “The MORPHOZ concept model perfectly reflects the new LIVINGTECH philosophy of Renault design with its bold, innovative design, user-centered structure that facilitates sharing and change. The technology offers a new travel experience to vehicle users in all its forms (design, on-board systems, connectivity, interior layout). Morphoz concept is a real life experience. ” Said.

Renault Morphoz is a modular car that can be customized according to needs. A 100% electric adaptable crossover concept model, charged by induction method, even while driving. Equipped with 3rd level autonomous driving; A car for personal use that offers exclusive sharing functions, such as the SYMBIOZ concept introduced in 2017.

The “city” version of Renault Morphoz has a range of 40 km with a battery capacity of 400 kWh. When the car is needed, it can reach up to 50 km of its range by installing batteries with a capacity of 700 kWh.

The car, which offers level 3 autonomous driving, allows the driver to leave the steering wheel and give the driver full authority to the vehicle in certain defined situations, such as highway driving on permitted roads or congested traffic.

Morphoz's passenger compartment offers a "sharing" mode that allows all passengers to sit face-to-face to chat or do a common activity, except for the driver who needs to look at the road.

The name of the new concept car of Renault has been determined as “Morphoz” or “Morphoz” because of its important feature. As you know the word morphose means “metamorphosis” in Turkish. The reason for this is that the body of this car can change shape.

Photos of the New Concept Morphoz:

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