Meaning of the PEUGEOT Logo

What is the Meaning of the Peugeot Logo
Meaning of the Peugeot Logo

Automobile logos can contain a lot of information about the history of the brand. Also, car logos can have many meanings. For example, which animal is the animal in PEUGEOT's logo zamhas been the subject of discussion at the moment. The logo of Peugeot, which is likened to many animals such as dogs, is actually a Lion. Let's find out what the history of PEUGEOT and its logo mean.

Meaning of PEUGEOT History and Logo:

French Peugeot, with a very long history, is a manufacturer of cars, bicycles and motorcycles, today it is part of the PSA group. It started production with hand tools in 1810, and it has been a car manufacturer since 1890. Of course, like many automobile companies, it has also produced in other sectors. These are briefly as follows: Production of coffee grinders and hand tools in 1810, bicycle production in 1830, automobile production in 1882 and motorcycle production in 1898.

Peugeot Preferred Lion to Show Its Quality:

Lion in the peugeot logo

Peugeot was famous for the quality of the hand tools it produced before starting car production, especially for the brand that saw blades. Having the logo with saw blades in 1810, Peugeot chose the lion because it thought it would reflect the strength of its jaws and the teeth of the saw blade to symbolize its success. Aslan also represented the flexibility and speed of Peugeot's products.

Peugeot Changed 9 Times logo:

Peugeot logo Replacement

In the first logo that appeared in 1847, the lion was walking on an arrow. The Peugeot logo, which changed 1847 times after 8, took its 2010th and final shape in 9.

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