Autonomous Vehicles in Istanbul Traffic!

Autonomous Vehicles in Istanbul Traffic

to lead the transformation of the automotive order TOSB Innovation Center, ITU OTAM with Turkey have launched a ADASTEC company of the members in the linked and Autonomous Vehicle Cluster as part of driverless vehicle testing work, driverless vehicle pulled into traffic in Istanbul.

TOSB (Automotive Industry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone) Innovation Center and ITU OTAM (Automotive Technologies Research and Development Center), the coordination implemented as Turkey Linked and Autonomous Vehicle Cluster members ADASTEC firm driverless successfully continues the work of the vehicle test track. The company, which carried out its tests in all three stages of the driverless vehicle park created at the TOSB campus, initiated the test studies in the live traffic of Istanbul, the fourth stage. The autonomous vehicle of ADASTEC, which has passed the live traffic stage in Istanbul, has started testing on two track routes, one of which is Unkapanı and the other is Galata. In addition to the test works on the tracks, the mapping study was started using laser technology thanks to the lidar devices on the vehicle. Pedestrians, sidewalks, lanes, trees and buildings on the course can be identified separately. Thanks to this study, these paths can be opened to test software.

It will serve the future of automotive!

Within the scope of the realized project TOSB Innovation Board Member Ömer Burhanoğlu“We are collecting yet another fruit of the driverless vehicle track we have created in Automotive Sub-Industry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone in cooperation with TOSB and İTÜ OTAM. After the first 200-meter trial, now in Istanbul, real life mapping studies have been carried out. We are proud of this. We want that all the work related to driverless vehicles will pass through our TOSB Innovation Center in our organized industrial zone and thus we will serve the future of the automotive. ”

Speaking on the subject ADASTEC Company Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Ali Ufuk Peker“We created an autonomous testing tool to test commercial vehicles, especially bus solutions. People abroad buy this vehicle ready, but we also equipped it. We normally test our vehicle on test tracks and campus environments. In our partnership with İTÜ OTAM and TOSB Innovation Center, we were using their test track. We made a study to test the maneuvers in the city environment and had the opportunity to try our vehicle on the streets of Istanbul. ” Peker said, “We thank ITU OTAM and TOSB Innovation Center for their support. We are proud to make such a study in Turkey, "he said.

$ 3 trillion market

Speaking on the subject İTÜ OTAM General Manager Ekrem Özcan “News about the tests of various autonomous vehicles in traffic abroad or when we go abroad zamWe see these vehicles at international fairs at the moment. those related to the automotive sustained us in our country, 'what such studies in Turkey zamwill be the moment? ' they were asking. Since 2019 we established the Autonomous Vehicle Test Track in July, eight autonomous vehicle testing company doing work in Turkey. As ITU OTAM and TOSB Innovation Center, we try to support these companies by providing the necessary infrastructure.

Autonomous vehicles have a market potential of approximately $ 3 trillion in the world. We, as a country, should increase and accelerate our activities in connection with autonomous vehicles in order to be an active player in this market, to maintain and even increase our current share in automotive. ” He spoke in the form.

Leading the transformation

Coordinated by TOSB Innovation Center and ITU OTAM; Turkey Linked Autonomous Vehicle Cluster and ranks 62 companies. As part of the cluster, the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Test Track was launched in July 2019. This test track has four tracks and 3 tracks of the test track are located on the TOSB campus, where the TOSB Innovation Center is located. After the successful completion of 200 different tracks, which are 500 meters, 3.7 meters and 3 kilometers long, respectively, the vehicles switch to the live traffic study called “Living Lab”, which is Stage 4. In this context, eight companies started working on autonomous vehicle technologies and companies are carrying out autonomous vehicle testing on this test track.

About TOSB Innovation Center

TOSB Innovation Center; In order to provide the environment for our firms in the automotive sector, especially firms in TOSB, to experience new technologies quickly, to bring the startups to the automotive sector by bringing together with successful startups, to lead the transformation in the automotive sector, to ensure the development of 'smart money' in the industry and entrepreneurship ecosystem. was also established.


ITU Automotive Technologies Research and Development Center (OTAM), which carries out its activities in the İTÜ Ayazağa campus, is located in the Emission Laboratory and the Mechanical Laboratories; vehicle and powertrain, vibration and acoustics, as well as strength and life tests; It also offers engineering solutions in areas such as the development of electric and hybrid vehicles, connected-autonomous vehicles, battery management and charging systems, vehicle electric engine development, and simulation-based testing in the conditions closest to the vehicle's real road conditions.

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