Mando Strengthens Aftermarket Global Supply System

Mando Strengthens Aftermarket Global Supply System
Mando Strengthens Aftermarket Global Supply System

South Korean Halle Corporation Europe implemented in Turkey under the umbrella of the automotive supply industry and one of the largest aftermarket Mando continues to enrich the global supply system.

Turkey as well as Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, covering governing from Turkey, a huge sales network directly to the company, has signed an important cooperation in order to make global operations more effective and efficient.

Mando Aftermarket is included in the AAMPACT strategic network, which focuses on benefiting the automotive supply industry and promoting cooperation among members.

It will add value to the international integration of the brand

Expressing his satisfaction for being included in AAMPACT, which aims to protect and support the interests of its current members at the global level, Mando Aftermarket CEO Anıl Yücetürk said, “We are happy to be included in one of the biggest global strategic networks of the sector such as AAMPACT. We believe that this advanced system will add value to the international integration of our brand. As a company, we recently collaborated with Temot International, which is among the largest purchasing groups in the world in terms of the automotive aftermarket industry, and Nexus, the global purchasing group. Thanks to these strategic value networks we are involved in, our global operations will become much more valuable and sustainable with an optimized efficiency. ”

Focused on the future of the industry

“As Mando Aftermarket, we act completely future-oriented with our many years of industry experience and know-how; Yücetürk said, “With Mando Aftermarket, we are adding a new dimension to the global supply system in the automotive industry. We aim to fully produce the technologies of the future and contribute to the future of the industry. $ 5 billion within 1 years a huge turnover directly to our country in the near future with our company we have implemented with a formation will be carried out from Turkey and I believe we will make a very significant contribution to the world economy "has included the statements.

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