"Great Age" She's the new Hyundai i10 was put up for sale in Turkey

Big thumbs "He's the new Hyundai i Sold in Turkey

Hyundai's Izmit factory where the produce exported to more than 40 countries all over the world the new i10 was launched in Turkey. The New i10, which showed its face at the Frankfurt Fair for the first time, has three different hardware levels called Jump, Style and Elite, and a new generation gasoline engine with two volumes of 1.0 and 1.2 liters. MPI petrol engines developed by Hyundai engineers are more efficient. In addition, although the volume of the 10 liter engine used in the new i1.2 is reduced from 1.248 cc to 1.197 cc, the power values ​​produced by the engine are preserved.

The three-cylinder 1.0-liter MPi engine offers 67 horsepower and 96 Nm of torque, while another 84-liter MPi with 118 horsepower and 1,2 Nm torque will appeal to those who want more performance. “AMT”, the new type 5-speed automated manual transmission option, is offered for the first time with the New i10. The AMT transmission is designed with a focus on fuel consumption efficiency, with expectations from an ideal city car. As a result of all these improvements, the New i10, which is lightened in contrast to its growing dimensions, consumes up to 15 percent less fuel than its predecessor. The five-speed manual is only available in the 1.0-liter version, while the automated type (AMT) is available in both engine options.

A different perspective to the A segment with its sporty design

The new i10 has a young and dynamic design that offers contrast between soft surfaces and sharp lines. The large front grille reflects the sporty character of the vehicle, and the round LED Daytime Running Lights reinforce its dynamic stance with its lowered roof and wider body. Compared to its predecessor, it achieves wider proportions and a muscular body that will provide maximum seating space. The new i10 features an 8-inch touchscreen (with Apple Car Play and Android Auto support), a rear view camera, armrests, 16-inch alloy wheels, lens headlights and LED daytime running lights. Three new exterior colors, namely turquoise, fire red and beach gray, are included in the existing color palette, while users are offered a total of 17 different color options, with red or black double color ceiling combinations.

The side view of the new i10 is also shaped to provide maximum interior space. The car, supported by a slightly muscular body, visually emphasizes its width with unique triangular design elements. The new X-shaped C-pillar defines the innovation and boldness of the vehicle, while symbolizing the beginning of a new era for the brand.

The interior design offers a younger impression without sacrificing usability. The 3D honeycomb patterned decor panel on the dashboard also provides an elegant ambiance to the interior. Another important element of the interior is to emphasize the horizontal layout in the cockpit. Outwardly oriented vents offer extra width while horizontally positioned multimedia maintains this feeling. Other three-dimensional patterns in the form of honeycombs on the display and door panels are among the innovations we have just mentioned. These details add a sporty and modern value to the interior.

The 252 liter luggage volume in the car has a 29 mm lower loading threshold. This innovation greatly facilitates access to the trunk. Two-stage luggage pool and rear seats that can be folded with one hand also increase practicality. The new i10, inspired by the muscle structure of the athletes, is now more sporty. 20mm decreasing ceiling size and 40mm widening track opening also have a big impact on this sporty stance.

Not content with just looking sporty, the new i10 is the same zamnow has an even more aerodynamic design. The wind resistance is improved from 0.32 Cd to 0.31 Cd, combining its sporty appearance with efficiency. Thus, the new i10 aims to make a difference in its class and strengthen its leadership.

Sharing his views on the new products they offer for sale, Hyundai Assan General Manager Murat Berkel said, “The new i10, which started production and sale in our factory in Izmit, Ali Kahya; stands out with its innovative, young and dynamic design. Our model, which we offer for sale with the slogan of "Live Big", is ready to meet all the expectations of our customers. With its spacious five-seat seating area, the i10 can easily stand out from its competitors, and offers a better knee distance and large interior space with a 40 mm increased wheelbase. We aim to sell 10 units in the first place in 2020 from our i1.000 model, which we strongly trust in its technical features, increased comfort items and safety equipment. With this figure, we want to maintain our awareness in the A segment and maintain our awareness. We also continue to experience the justified pride and happiness of exporting our cars, which we produce with the labor of Turkish workers, to more than 40 countries. ”

The third generation i10, which is expected to attract customers from the B segment with its design and hardware features, aims to maintain its claim in every field. Hyundai vehicle sold all over Turkey by Assen recommended initial price determined as per 108.300 1.2. “127.400 lt MPI Elite AMT Double Color”, the most equipped version of the series, has a label of XNUMX TL.

Photos of the new Hyundai İ10:

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