A Visionary Car From Hyundai: Prophecy EV Concept

hyundaiden a visionary car prophecy home concept
hyundaiden a visionary car prophecy home concept

Hyundai Motor Company introduced its new concept Prophecy, which reveals the future vision of the brand. Developed in the light of the latest technology, the innovative concept car adheres to the brand's “Sensuous Sportiness”, namely “Emotional Sportiness” design philosophy. Prophecy, which means "Prophecy" in Turkish, is an electrical model designed using soft and minimalist lines.

Prophecy, a highly visionary concept for Hyundai, stands out as a follower of 45 EV Concept introduced last year. The car, which has a particularly aerodynamically successful silhouette, has proven to be a work of engineering in many areas, from the extended wheelbase to the shorter front and rear overhangs. Combining aesthetic harmony and functionality, the designers zaminstantly indoorszam they have obtained a width.

SangYup Lee, President of Hyundai Global Design Center, said about the concept they prepared: “Producing a different and interesting car among electric cars was an extremely important decision for Hyundai's future vision. We implemented another concept that pushed us to broader horizons. "Our aim in this progress, which we call Optimistic Futurism, was to establish an emotional bond between people and cars."

The main line that runs from front to back is completely formed by soft corners and connection points. In addition, the closed and flowing lines, an essential design feature for EVs, fit the concept car.zam it provides an aerodynamics. The propeller shapes placed on the wheels of the vehicle are the same while supporting aerodynamics. zaminstantly channels the air to be drawn in.

The integrated rear spoiler, on the other hand, plays an important role in handling the road by providing high-speed pressing power. Transparent acrylic materials provide functional components such as LED headlights, taillights and sensors to provide a clearer view.

Pixel lamps, first seen in the Hyundai 45 EV Concept, are taken one step further in the new concept. Pixelated lamps will be used as a design element in future Hyundai models.

The interior of Prophecy makes great use of the spacious cabin advantages of the EV platform. It offers an unusual experience to its users by offering a refined lifestyle and comfort instead of a traditional interior.

Prophecy same zamcurrently equipped with autonomous driving technology. It offers an intuitive driving experience using the joystick, instead of a standard steering wheel. The joysticks, one on the center console and the other on the door trim, offer practical control by moving left and right. In addition, drivers can access other functions via integrated buttons.

With the use of the joystick, more space can be obtained indoors. This feature, which feels like in the cockpit of an airplane, is the same zamIt also adds more visuality to the vehicle. In comfort mode, the occupants are not presented with any visuals. All that passengers see are the displays in the A-pillar and the wing-shaped instrument cluster.

In addition, a brand new ventilation system is used in Hyundai Prophecy. With the Clean Air System - Clean Air Technology, the amount of air and oxygen in the vehicle is regularly filtered. The same as purified air flow is achieved thanks to the system zamAt the same time, the air in the cabin is also filtered and sent back to the atmosphere while being thrown out.

Hyundai will continue to increase its progress and comfort by reflecting the new technologies used in the Prophecy concept to its future models.

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