Hyundai Elantra Comes With A Parametric Dynamic Design

hyundai elantra comes with a parametric dynamic design
hyundai elantra comes with a parametric dynamic design

Hyundai Motor Company shared the first images of the 2021 New Elantra. Elantra, one of the best-selling models of the brand, with its seventh generation zamtouted as the best of moments. The CN7 coded New Elantra reflects Hyundai's new design identity, which is based on unusual shapes and textures, called Parametric Dynamic. At a time when all vehicles are almost alike in the automotive world, they are more aggressive, sportier and the same zamSouth Korean Hyundai, which adopts a different design philosophy at the moment, will make the world launch of the vehicle on March 17 at The Lot Studios in Hollywood.

The design of the new Elantra is characteristic of traditional Hyundai models. But every zamIt is emphasized more exotic than the current one. The Parametric Dynamic design language, which is an advanced digital design technology, means that three lines meet at a single point. While there are three main lines on the vehicle, the hard transitions, especially on the doors and rear fenders, emphasize the full dynamism of the vehicle.

The futuristic interior of the car is just as ambitious as its exterior design. While the driver-oriented cockpit brings driving sensation and excitement to the top, the elegance that comes with simplicity is another important factor. Indicators consisting of a new type of steering wheel and digital display also support this structure.

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